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First and foremost, we design websites that suit you and your clients… not our web designers. Depending on the size of your business, your clientele, and what products you specialize in – We create a website that is yours, not one that is cloned across 50 other agencies!


We also help you to establish and create a social and community following by managing Blog posts on your site which are linked directly to your social Media Pages such as LinkedIn, FaceBook, Twitter, etc. etc.


Moreover, we will create these campaigns for you if you don’t have them already.

We use these social media feeds to give your clients information and topics that are of interest to them and we bolster your exposure with Print Marketing Campaigns.    


Want your clients and potential clients to be able to access your site from anywhere… There’s an App for That! All of our sites have Mobile Versions that allow all of your Dynamic Forms, whether they are Finial Raters, Applications, Purchase Orders, or Inventory and Food Menu's - They will all work seamlessly with your site, regardless of access from PC, Mobile Phone, or Tablet. 


We work with many Financial Companies, as the case with the Insurance Industry which requires real-time and encrypted data. For these sites, our platform also offers enhanced efficiency, not just a pretty face!  

Equitas webEquity is part of the Equitas Group of companies. Our aim when the company was established was to fill the need of small and medium-size businesses that did not have tens of thousands to spend on a website, but still wanted, needed a really great looking web design with functionality to increase both efficiency and sales.   Equitas Group was started by Michael Gottdank, who has over two decades of experience in both the finance and technology industry's.


Equitas webEquity is comprised of a team made up of web designers, programmers, and most importantly marketeers. 


For a look inside the team, follow the link to meet some of the key players at Equitas webEquity. TEAM



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